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Hello, I'm Robert and I'm based in Queens, New York.

Please feel free to view my galleries, leave comments on photographs. In addition to viewing these pictures, you can also order prints of various sizes and merchandise as well as purchase the actual images

Capturing moments have become a passion of mine. A moment in time can be right around me or I can perceive it via many aspects such as a baby’s smile, a family’s special occasion, my pet’s quirkiness, the amazing wonders of nature or be it the instantaneous jiffies at sporting games. I have such an addiction for photography, especially growing up in New York City with such a diverse environment, what started out as a hobby has evolved into a means of escape and comfort and now it acts as a way for me to show how I identify the world around me. I enjoy seizing emotion – happiness, apprehension or thrill, beauty and love, in essence, capturing a memory that I can have or share forever. Whether I’m at work, on vacation or just the radiance in every day, I notice the details, I live in the present and forget my worries by just the push of a button I capture an artistic moment. 

'1 second in time, 1 picture for a Lifetime...'

If you have any questions about  my work or would like to talk about working together, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' link above.

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